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Data Driven

110M Properties, 200,000 neighborhoods, 8M Rentals, 20 years of history

Intelligent Match

Personal financial preference, such as growth or income, drive search and match

Deep Research

Get in depth information on cities, renters and neighborhoods

Top Rental Investment Locations


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Investment Properties

A powerful new way to buy rental properties

Simply put in your financial preferences and let our intelligent Recommendation Engine serve up real estate investment properties or build portfolios for you.

A goal driven search of investment properties across the country

Select properties and save to your watch list for due diligence

Make offers on selected investment properties and close


A hassle-free way to sell rental properties

Sell your tenanted property as a performing asset to investors nationwide. You no longer have to wait for the property to be vacant and sell to a homeowner.


Real Estate Investor Network
Access to a large network of real estate investors

Keep Tenants
No need to wait until property is vacant

Sell Faster
Reduce days on the real estate market


The Big Data behind our analytics

Identify the best cities, neighborhoods, and properties in neighborhoods for investments. Do it yourself or use our end to end Concierge services to build your real estate portfolio and passive income.


20 years


Properties Analyzed

Transaction History


20,000 Cities

Pick the Right City
We provide research trends and real estate market data to help you evaluate cities as target investment locations.

200,000 Neighborhoods

Pick the Right Neighborhood
Neighborhood Investment Ratings (NIR) allow you to choose neighborhoods based on the income or appreciation potential of properties within those neighborhoods.

113M Investment Properties

Pick the Right Property
Use our data to analyze the price, rent and a comprehensive set of expenses to understand the return potential of a property.

We’re Real Estate Consultants that help everyday Americans create and execute a plan for retirement using real estate as a primary vehicle.

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