"Live Today, Plan for Tomorrow"

The Retirement Planning Seminar with a Real Estate Twist

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What You'll Learn

The Income Transformation Model

The primary tool used by the wealthy to build and maintain their wealth

The Real Estate Retirement Model

The systematic 4 step approach to using real estate as a retirement vehicle

The Real Estate Retirement Model

The systematic 4 step approach to using real estate as a retirement vehicle

How to Leverage Real Estate to Retire Faster

Accelerate your retirement using tried and tested tecniques

Real Estate IQ

The 4 quadrants of real estate income and how to maximize them

Real Estate IQ

The 4 quadrants of real estate income and how to maximize them

Lean a Totally Different Approach to Planning for Retirement

About the Presenter

Gamal’s straight-from-the-heart authenticity, passion and high-energy, motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and into their greatness in many ways. He inspires others to think beyond what may seem unachievable financially and provides guidance on how to convert our mental thoughts into actionable steps that drive results.  Over the past decade, Gamal has expanded his role from investor to realtor to influencer and educator in the industry, creating the kind of workshop learning experience that gets audiences thinking and excited at the bountiful possibilities. He is committed to personal-and-professional development and his charisma and warmth, have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.


As a Real Estate expert, he has been the principal in a plethora of real estate transactions, provided coaching and guidance to countless others and serves as an influencer in the space.

Inspired and motivated by the countless stories and experiences of those he encountered throughout his journey, many of whom did not have an opportunity to retire, had to work several jobs in retirement or really struggled financially in their older years, he has leveraged his breadth of experience in developing a platform to help everyday Americans avoid this path and created a platform that allows them to better plan and prepare for retirement using real estate as a vehicle.

Retirement planning or the lack thereof, is approaching crisis levels and this workshop is meant to provide a fresh perspective to financial planning. He looks to inspire others to start on this journey and hopes to bring this session to an audience near you!

When you stop living at work, you can start working at living

- Gamal Harding, Cofounder and Developer of The Real Estate Retirement Plan.



Real Estate Influencer, Investor, Realtor, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach

"Retirement planning has always taken the traditional approach. Most of us are probably familiar with the 401k, IRA or other retirement accounts used by the mainstream for planning life in our later years. We've also been wired to think of retirement as something that happens at a specific age, most notably, age 65 or older.  Challenging that mindset, we have developed an alternative, and hope to have the opportunity to share it with you"- Gamal Harding.

With a strong background in Banking and Financial Service, Consulting, Process Improvement and Real Estate, Gamal Harding has a unique combination of experiences and skill sets, that has inspired him to develop an alternative and structured approach to planning and preparing for retirement.

Having engaged with people from opposite ends of the wealth spectrum, he has been exposed to the processes and models used by the wealthy in building their net worth and fortunes, as well as seen the challenges and roadblocks faced by the those on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

We’re Real Estate Consultants that help everyday Americans create and execute a plan for retirement using real estate as a primary vehicle.

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